EFT, also known simply as 'tapping' or as part of the newer umbrella term of 'meridian tapping techniques (MTT)'; is a remarkable tool -- which in some respects may be seen as unbelievable based on what we've been taught in the area of psychology. However, in many cases it can quickly relieve many forms of emotional upset. Some of the benefits of using EFT are:

  • stress reliefclip art rainbow and cloud
  • ability to think more clearly
  • better focus and concentration
  • greater spiritual discernment
  • greatly reduce or remove emotional pain from old and new events or memories. 

Having studied scripture and used EFT it is my belief that there is a link to one's emotional state and the spiritual realm -- and some of the devil's most successful attacks are in the area of emotions (such as hopelessness, condemnation and fear). We can learn to counter and reduce those attacks using EFT and scripture, as well as guidance from the Holy Spirit. This guides my effort to pioneer the use of EFT as a tool in spiritual warfare.

EFT is an excellent tool to be able to make lasting change in many areas of one's life. EFT has proven helpful for a wide variety of emotional (as well as physical) issues including:

  • phobias
  • relief from haunting memories
  • as an aid to homework / study.
  • sports and other types of performance.
  • weight control
  • unwanted habits

I am available for coaching, just click on Appointments & Rates on the 'Other info.' menu for more information. There are also a few articles I've written on the website. If you're new to EFT and/or spiritual warfare, I hope you find the information helpful. Please email me if you have any questions.